Trigonometry (Thanks Mark!)

Thanks so much for the great demos at Siggraph and all the plugs!

Mark's Siggraph Demo

So if you aren’t Mark and are reading this and don’t know what I’m talking about, Mark showed off Ruffle as part of his Softimage demos at Siggraph, which are about a thousand times more engaging than mine and contain no handwavy references to “trigonometry”.  :D

Go to Autodesk’s Siggraph 2011 video streaming page, click play, scrub to about 3:30 (that’s 3 hours in, it’s whole days of streaming).

I’m hoping this weekend to do a demo on the Tangent space rotation stuff, maybe building something that interpolates tangent space rotations from scratch to show how that all works. I’m going to try to learn from Mark’s example how to make a demo fun to watch.. but if that demo below is the result when I demo something with no math, I’m not sure what chance I have with this subject.

Thanks again Mark!

Ruffle Demo

Made a quick ten minute video showing off the features of Ruffle:

Sadly I won’t be able to give out the actual Softimage files, or the ICE compounds, but I plan to do a few videos next on how parts of this actually work. First up will be tangent space interpolation of rotations.


Inaugural post

This blog is for my photography and for my 3D exploits, and possibly other things.

Stay tuned for more TALES OF INTEREST!!!!!

So, the first order of business will be a writeup and some Vimeo demos of Ruffle, an Ice Based Feather system I made at Psyop. It populates a mesh with feathers based on “guide feathers”, which are manipulated to “groom” the feathers much like a hair system.

Some features:

  • Guide feathers are totally independent of topology, arbitrary in number, scale, everything else.
  • “Dart throwing” type point scattering, with variable spacing based on width to ensure an even coat.
  • Smooth interpolation of rotations across surfaces with very sparse (even just one) guide feather
  • Autobend- ensures good deformations by keeping tip to body surface distances constant
And lots of other features. Made and used in production.