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The inside of one of the many Bagan temples. We recently went on a trip to Burma, and it was amazing. The country has only recently starting to open up and as a result it’s a really unique place. It was been my hardest working vacation yet and I hope you’ll agree the results are worth it.

wpid2209-IMG_6342.jpgIn Mandalay, the dusty second city of Burma, my favorite thing to shoot by a long shot were the markets. They’re nestled in back alleys, and the locals were very friendly and amused to see us there. Smiling and waving at anyone always got a great reaction. He was very smiley when I asked to take a picture, then adjusted his robe and settled into a more serious expression for the picture. All smiles again afterward.They were happy to talk, as much as it was possible, and made great photographic subjects.

We also visited some of the very pretty outlying areas, but they were generally less interesting to me than the city itself. One exception was the U Bein Bridge.wpid2265-IMG_6940.jpg The classic shots of it are with the sun setting behind it. We were there on a hazy morning instead, and those are some of my favorite shots.

A women visiting an ancient temple in Bagan. The walls of the temple are covered with murals, which I believe are original.The archeological city of Bagan is an amazing place that’s been photographed to death. My shots from the temples at sunrise and sunset are nice, but I feel better ones have been done. It’s a lot like shooting other monuments in that way. Still, I have many shots I’m proud of in and around the temples. While it’s more touristy, the locals were still very friendly and we had a lot of great times.

Sunrise in Bagan with a hot air balloon eclipsing the sun.
Burma is nothing like any place I’ve ever been. It’s safe and relatively easy to travel in. I’d recommend it to everyone.

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