Party Photos, from Psyop Parties.

Bounce flash is a wonderful thing. That’s actually the whole reason for having this category- bounce flash, and it’s killer application, which is photographing parties. Well, the whole reason for the category is I have these pictures, which I have because of bounce flash, etc.

Anyway. You put your camera on manual and point the flash at the ceiling. Or the wall. Or a guy who is standing next to you with a white shirt, which if you’re lucky is Zed.

Bounce flash photos have a terrible hit rate. Often they’re too dark, lit from the wrong angle, ugly in various ways, accidentally blind someone and come out black, really a lot can go wrong. However, I think that’s better than the 0% hit rate I get from blasting a flash directly into people’s faces.

There are also a bunch of photos taken without flash in the dark with ISO-one-million at F/0.1. These are impossible to focus and expose properly, but produce some pretty cool results anyway. Dimly lit places often have really funky and nicely designed colors.

Yep. This is what I do at parties.

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