These are my best landscape, nature and animal photos. I lumped all these categories together because I don’t like to make tough decisions.

I think landscape photography is really hard, you have to do everything perfectly as well as being there with remarkable lighting/weather conditions, because people are (rightfully) unforgiving of any flaws in a photograph of something that can’t run away or yell at you. The main problem with landscape photos is that they are boring, and it’s really hard for them not to be. Anyway, landscape photography has been a bit of a focus of mine for the last year or so, with two big trips (to Big Bend National Park in Texas and Iceland) where I focused on improving my landscape work.

I think it’s paid off, and I think it’s one of my strengths now where before it was a weakness, but still find it unforgiving, time consuming for often no payoff, and traveling-companion-patience-straining.

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